Randoms-No Screaming on Coasters, 103 Yr Old Beats COVID, Celebrates w/Beer


Bud Light couldn’t ask for a better commercial …A 103-year-old Massachusetts woman survived coronavirus -- and celebrated with an ice-cold Bud Light. Jennie Stejna fought the disease in the hospital for 20 days. Her grandson, David said, “She put it to her lips and said, ‘Ooh, that’s cold. It’s good when it’s cold.” This Bud’s for you, Jennie. (NY Post)

Try not screaming on a roller coaster …Disney announced this week that they will begin a phased reopening of their parks starting in July, and maybe they’re taking a page out of Japan’s amusement park reopening handbook. Amusement parks and attractions are opening in Japan after the country’s state of emergency was lifted this week, but there will be a bunch of new restrictions. Most of it is what you’d expect -- temperature checks, required masks, and limited interaction with theme park characters. But guidelines also ban excessive talking with other guests and employees … and no screaming on rides and haunted attractions. It makes sense, since the virus is passed through saliva droplets, but how exactly are you going to prevent people from screaming on roller coasters? Especially when Japan is home to the terrifying Takabashi ride at Japan's Fuji-Q Highland amusement park -- which boasts a 121-degree drop! (Japan Times)

We could get used to this work-from-home thing …A high court in Switzerland has ruled that companies have to pay a portion of their employees' rent each month while they're required to work from home. According to reports, the judges estimated a monthly payment of $154 for each employee, and even allowed the workers to get retroactive compensation. While no companies in the U.S. have done this so far, many have introduced their own perks. Google, for example, is giving their employees $1,000 to buy work-from-home essentials. "Because we still expect that most Googlers will be largely working from home for the rest of this year, we'll be giving each Googler an allowance of $1,000 USD, or the equivalent value in your country, to expense necessary equipment and office furniture," CEO Sundar Pichai said in a statement. (Thrillist)

When it comes to wearing makeup while wearing a mask, the eyes have it.Bold eye makeupand shadow colors that match your mask will be the trend this summer. From makeup subreddits to social media influencers, mask-friendly eye-makeup looks are what everyone is talking about. Makeup artist and Instagram influence rShureice Dawn, told the Huffington Post, “Eye makeup will become the way many people choose to express themselves. We will soon have to smile only with our eyes, and this is why eye makeup will become more important than ever.” Just make sure your brows are in good shape, because when your eyes are the focal point, unkempt brows just won’t do. They don’t need to be waxed to perfection – especially since most of us can’t get an appointment yet. Just make sure they are groomed and tamed. Remember, full brows are in!

Workout with the Lizzo starter pack ...all you need is your mind, body and spirit. Being the body-positive artist she is, Lizzo is all about loving your true self -- and that goes for physical health as well. She's been sharing her go-to workout exercises onTikTok-- from jumping squats, to battle rope resistance training, to dumbbell exercises. Lizzo's most important tip is to remember that "whether you do squats or not, you’re perfect just as you are." (Insider)

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