Marlins & Shell Team Up For Cheap Gas

Gas prices are on the rise throughout South Florida, but they're about to fall drastically at one Miami Shell station.

The Miami Marlins teaming up with Del Toro Insurance to offer it for 99-cents a gallon from 11a to 2p today at the location 2701 W Flagler Street.

Marlins Vice President and Head of Partnerships David Oxfeld says, "We're really excited because it's in our backyard. It's just a mile away from the ballpark, and as part of our new ownership focus, it's really on reconnecting with the fan base that's around our ballpark."

Marlins and Shell Gas Discount

He adds, "This time of year, coming into Forth of July, gas prices going up, summer, 90 degrees heatwave, the opportunity to discount is an opportunity we're excited about."

Along with cheap gas, fans will be able to meet Billy the Marlin and Mermaids and get a chance to win free tickets to games.