Help Find Homes For Murdered Librarian's Dogs

It's been nearly a month since a librarian was gunned down at a Miami Gardens ATM.

As Jamie Humet's killer remains on the run, his beloved dogs also remain without a home.

100 Plus Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida volunteers rescued Susy and Sam from Miami-Dade Animal Control after Humet's family members said they couldn't care for the approximately 50-pound Labrador-mixes.

The organization's Lisa Smith says she's not sure if its the recent holidays or that the four and five-year-old, approximately 50 pound pooches must be adopted together, but there's been little interest in them.

Not only are they confused while staying at the Fort Lauderdale rescue house, but "They're actually going through mourning.  You can tell they are grieving."

She describes Susy and Sam as "gentle. They're mellow.  They're well behaved.  They're good with other dogs.  They're good with children.  I mean, they're really the perfect pair."

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