TMSG: Arvada Police Help 102-Year-Old Celebrate Birthday Amid Coronavirus

The Arvada Police Department in Colorado wanted to Susie Montoya celebrate her 102nd birthday despite the coronavirus craziness going on in the world.

Someone wanted to send her a cheery pie, so the officers went on a mission to make sure it was done safely. City employees ordered pies from local business Rheinlander Bakery, then Det. Dave Snelling took the pies to the crime lab for processing. He put on a mask and gloves, cleaned the boxes with disinfectant wipes, and packaged them in a brown paper bag for safe delivery. He even arranged for Arvada firefighters to oversee the delivery.

Montoya watched from an upstairs window as the pie was delivered and well-wishers sang Happy Birthday to her. Snelling even officially declared it "Susie Montoya Day."