Lunchbox Is Having Problems With His Mailman Not Following Guidelines

Lunchbox is one of those people that's been following all of the guidelines put out by the city and CDC. He's still going outside, but if he interacts with anyone he stays 6-feet-apart and makes sure they do as well.

When he was out working in his yard, the mailman came by and wanted to hand Lunchbox his mail. However, Lunchbox didn't understand why he was doing that. He says there has to be a lot of germs on all of that mail and obviously the mailman is touching everyone's mailboxes. So he told his mailman just to throw his mail in the yard, he didn't need to hand it to him.

The mailman was a bit taken aback by Lunchbox but ultimately threw the mail in the yard. Lunchbox said on The Bobby Bones Show that he didn't understand why his mailman was even trying to hand it to him in the first place. He wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but knew it wasn't best to have direct contact.

Photo: Getty Images