Books With Box: Lunchbox Reviews "I'll Push You"

Welcome to #BooksWithBox! I recommend one book a month that I enjoyed reading and I think you should read. I would love you to pick up the books I am reading, because I would never steer you wrong. The sixth review up is I'll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair by Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray.

How far would you go to do something for your best friend? We all have a "best friend" that we say we would do anything in the world for them. The question is would really do anything in the world for them? Justin and Patrick are life long best friends that were always there for each other. Justin is diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease and he lost the ability to use his arms or legs. Even in a wheelchair Justin refused to let that hold him back from living his best life. 

So Justin heard about a 500 Mile hike across Spain, but he would need Patrick to push him in his wheelchair. Would you do it for your best friend? This book is all about their amazing and inspiring journey.