TMSG: 13-Year-Old Used 3D Printer To Make Masks To Donate

Face Mask On Pink Background

Face Mask On Pink Background

13-year-old Charles Randolph has been keeping himself busy since being out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

His mom has him on a strict schedule of two hours of homework every day, but besides that he's free to do whatever. He was feeling bored and since keeping up with current events, came up with an idea to help people like his uncle and others amid COVID-19 fears.

Randolph started using his parents 3D printer to make masks for those who made need them like his great uncle, who needs a heart transplant and is vulnerable to the coronavirus. Randolph told ABC 7 WJLA, “I saw in the news that high-risk patients, people with existing diseases like heart problems and asthma, I thought this would help him." So in about 90 minutes, at a cost of about a dollar a mask, Randolph is making a difference.

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