Sand Dune Collapses, Burying Florida Man Alive

Soft sea wave on sand beach, natural background

Photo: Getty Images

The death of a man on a Treasure Coast beach appears to be the result of a freak accident linked to beach erosion.

Someone taking a stroll along the beach on Hutchinson Island Sunday came upon a pair of feet sticking up from the sand and discovered a man's body.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office identified the victim as 35-year old Sean Nagel, saying the man would visit the beach early in the morning with his GoPro camera to catch the sunrise. But this time, it's believed that Nagel was leaning back on a sand dune that wound up collapsing on him.

The man was buried and died of asphyxiation. Sand was found in his lungs.

Nagle's body was discovered about three hours after the incident and no foul play is suspected.

Sheriff William Snyder says in all of his years in law enforcement, he's never seen anything like this.

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