Florida Prepaid Deadline this Sunday May 31st

Florida pre-paid

Florida pre-paid

This Sunday, May 31st, is the annual enrollment deadline for parents who want to put their kids in Florida’s Prepaid College Tuition program. 

After that date, families will have to wait until next year to apply. 

Prices are their lowest in five years, with plans starting at 44 dollars per month for a one-year university plan. 

The traditional four-year university plan for a newborn now costs 177 dollars per month. 

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Florida Prepaid spokesperson Shannon Colavecchio sayys application fees will be waived and no payments are due for new and existing plans until the end of July.

“We understand that this is a challenging time, but can you save for at least a small part of it? Every bit that you are saving, you are locking in tuition at that rate, so you don’t have to worry about it. You are at least helping them avoid that much loan debt that they have to take out.”

There are several prepaid tuition options available to fit the budgets of most families, including two and four year plans to cover state colleges, or hybrid plans for two years at a state college and two more at a university. 

Any child in Florida, from newborn through 11th grade, may be enrolled in the program.

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