'AGT' Finalist Michael Ketterer Won't Be Charged In Domestic Violence Case



Former America's Got Talent star Michael Ketterer will not be charged in his recent domestic violence case. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office declined to file charges against him and has instead "opted to hold a City Attorney hearing" for him. During the hearing, Michael will "receive counseling on domestic violence, violence prevention," and he will be "warned of the consequences" of repeat violations. (Basically, he's getting a "stern talking-to")

As previously reported, the AGT singer was arrested for felony domestic violence last Thursday (September 20). The fan-favorite singer, who finished in 5th place on this season of AGT, was taken into police custody after an alleged fight with his wife in their Hollywood hotel room, TMZ reported at the time. 

When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene, they reportedly noticed that Michael's wife had a visible red mark on her body. The singer was then cuffed and charged with domestic violence. He was later released after posting $50,000 bail. 

Following his arrest, Michael told the site that his arrest was a big "misunderstanding." While he admitted that he and his wife got into an argument and that cops were called, he said she told authorities she didn't want to press charges. However, Michael said police offers arrested him anyway, "telling him the law's the law."

Michael's arrest came hours after he sang a song written for him by Garth Brooks during the AGT season finale on September 19. While the AGT singer was scheduled to perform at Garth's upcoming Notre Dame Stadium concert, the country singer announced on Monday (September 24) that Micheal would no longer be attending. 

“Called him this weekend, we talked. We decided it was better that he not appear at Notre Dame and not perform there,” Brooks told his viewers on his Inside Studio G Facebook Live show. “That family will figure it out and find it within themselves, and of course the good Lord, and figure it out. Michael Ketterer will not be at Notre Dame.”

Photo: Getty Images