Thomas Rhett Reveals Wife Lauren Wants Three More Kids Before Turning 34


A happy wife is a happy life. Thomas Rhett definitely lives in accordance with that rule as the country singer explained he’s left all decision making to his wife Lauren Akins; especially when it comes to decisions about expanding their family.

"Lauren wants to have five kids before she turns 34. That is her plan," Thomas told Access Online. "So you can probably expect three new babies in the next five years. She's the boss."

Lauren and Thomas, both 28, already have two children— 2-year-old Willa Gray and 11-month-old Ada James— so one could say they’re well on their way into their five-year plan.


With five kids being the goal, after all, Thomas said they are 100 percent open to adoption. The couple adopted Willa from Uganda back in May 2017.

"We would definitely love to adopt again,” the “Goodbye Summer” singer said. "I don't know when. We'll probably just wait for God to put that in our path and figure that out in that way.

The parents discovered they were expecting a baby girl during the course of Willa's yearlong adoption process. They welcomed Ada just three months after bringing Willa home, which Thomas admitted was a welcomed challenge.  

"I feel like we're starting to finally come up for air," Thomas explained. "Obviously, we were thrown into two at the same time, so we had to learn how to parent a 2-year-old and an infant at the same time. But now, they're both starting to play with each other. Ada is starting to walk, and Willa is starting to have legitimate grown-up conversations, which is hilarious. They both just have big personalities.”

He added, "Lauren is just a superwoman of a mom. Everybody's great, and it's complete chaos. It's awesome."

Photo: Getty Images


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